Lady Vols Basketball - Turnovers and Free Throws



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Apr 9, 2014
Turnovers was a huge factor in several lost games last year. It is even worse with this last game with 21 turnovers...take care of the ball is as simple as it gets. One of our new freshmen players had 7 of those turnovers. We were around 66% with free-throw shots. With Coach HW, it is not going to get any better either!!! What happens when we begin to play ranked teams? Shoronna Reaves is the best recruiter in the nation...she brings them in unfortunately Harley Warlick cannot coach them. Imagine the Vols have the best mens coach in the nation and the worst with Worlick. Barnes absolutely would not tolerate that huge amount of turnovers and missed free throws. Lady Vols basketball will not be tops again until Warlick is gone. Attendance will be around 7 to 8 thousand per game....under Summit we lead the nation in attendance.
If during the next two years the Lady Vols can't get their grove back under Holly, then I don't think she is the answer. No matter if we like it or not Holly will be the HC the next two years.I do expect some mistakes to be made against top competition due to the youth on this team. However, mistakes and blunders should be reduced as the season goes on. If the team become worse as the year go on, as we did last year, no matter how much you like Holly, there is an issue. We have to quit making excuses and blaming ineptitude on the players. Right now with the youth on the team, it is way to early to castigate Holly or the Lady Vols.

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