Juwan Mitchell Texas LB Transfer COMMITS!


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May 6, 2010
A third Texas Longhorn has publicly claimed he does not want to be associated with the University of Texas. Junior linebacker Juwan Mitchell said in a Twitter statement Wednesday evening that he does not "feel comfortable representing the University of Texas," marking the third player in two weeks to publicly claim their intentions to possibly not play for the Longhorns.
"We put our blood, sweat and tears in every day so the city of Austin can enjoy their Saturday's," Mitchell posted on his personal Twitter page Wednesday. "For once, we decide to voice our opinions about things that can help better the community.
"It seems they only have our front but not our backs. People who want to create change don't care how much money can be lost, don't care about who hates them or any bad outcomes that may happen. The only thing on your mind should be equality.
"When I look in the mirror in the morning, I want to tell myself I did the right thing. That should be everyone's mindsets. It's not about blacks vs. whites, or cops (vs.) blacks. It's about doing what's right!
"With that being said, I do not feel comfortable representing the University of Texas."

Mitchell's comments come a few weeks after wide receiver Brennan Eagles first announced his plans to "not play another snap" for Texas.
“I’m not going to play another snap knowing what’s going on in our society due to color and the system being broken," Eagles said. "I just can’t."
The ******** these kids are getting in university is pseudo-intellectual nonsense. And they are making huge life decisions over a destructive false narrative. It’s shameful.

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