June 2024 OV Weekend Visitor Lists



Nov 29, 2021
Cc: @allvolrecruiting @Ericvol2096

May 3rd Weekend
IOL Antoni Ogumoro

June 7th Weekend
WR Marcus Harris
IOL Darius Afalava
EDGE Jaydin Loftin
DL Brandon Brown (Texas commit)

June 14th Weekend
CB Dylan Lewis (Vol commit)
DL Ethan Utley (Vol commit)
OT David Sanders
OT Jaelyne Matthews
OT Andrew Babalola
TE Dasaahn Brame
RB Shekai Mills-Knight
WR Jamie Ffrench
WR Caleb Cunningham
EDGE Jared Smith
EDGE Zion Grady
EDGE Damien Shanklin
LB Abduall Sanders (Bama commit)
DL Caleb Williams
DL Charles House
DL Jaylen Williams
CB Jontae Gilbert
CB Andrew Purcell

June 18th
WR Phillip Bell (UV 4/1)

June 21st Weekend
WR Joakim Dodson (Vol commit)
WR Travis Smith
WR Radarious Jackson
RB Justin Baker (Vol commit)
RB Marquise Davis
RB Todd Robinson
IOL Dontrell Glover
EDGE Mariyon Dye
LB Ty Jackson
S Lagonza Hayward
S Jordan Young
CB Onis Konanbanny
CB Tre Poteat
DL Brandon Caesar
DL Christian Garrett
DL Bryce Jenkins
DL Bobby Kanka (Michigan commit)
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OV June 21. Says Vols #1 on his list, also coming in for O&W Game weekend. Offer from Saban at Bama before he left along with Michigan, homestate Wisconsin (Fickell), noted talent evaluator Iowa State (not joking, see below) and UF


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