'20 JUCO DE Jordan Davis (Mississippi State commit)


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Jan 8, 2016
Just for all the people asking about him coming early. Here's the requirements he has to meet: Nonqualifier. Eligibility for Financial Aid, Practice and Competition. A transfer student from a two-year college who was a nonqualifier (per Bylaw is eligible for institutional financial aid, practice and competition during the first academic year of residence only if the student: (Revised: 8/2/12 effective 8/1/16 for students initially enrolling full time in a collegiate institution on or after 8/1/16)​
(a) Has graduated from the two-year college;​
(b) Has completed satisfactorily a minimum of 48 semester or 72 quarter hours of transferable-degree credit acceptable toward any baccalaureate degree program at the certifying institution, including six-semester or eight-quarter hours of transferable English credit, three semester or four quarter hours of transferable math credit and three semester or four quarter hours of transferable natural/physical science credit;​
(c) Has attended a two-year college as a full-time student for at least three semesters or four quarters (excluding summer terms); and​
(d) Has achieved a cumulative grade-point average of 2.500 (see Bylaw Note: He can receive financial aid and practice but not compete with a 2.0​ Use of Hours Earned During Summer Terms. Not more than a total of 18 semester or 27 quarter hours of the transferable-degree credit may be earned during summer terms, and not more than nine semester or 13.5 quarter hours of the transferable-degree credit may be earned during the summer term(s) immediately prior to the academic year in which the transfer occurs (including a midyear transfer). (Adopted: 1/9/96 effective 8/1/97, Revised: 10/4/17)​ Three-Semester/Four-Quarter Attendance Requirement. A student-athlete is not permitted to satisfy the three-semester/four-quarter attendance requirement during one academic year. (Adopted: 6/8/99)​


Dec 30, 2013
Unless Fulmer and Pruitt could figure out some kind of way to get him here over the summer. I know Kamara (Bama—>juco—>UT) only played one year at juco, and if I’m not mistaken PWill did the same (UT—>juco—>CSU) but they also both were at D1 schools before juco. I don’t know the deets of Jordan Davis’s situation. If somehow he were here next year I’d imagine he would fill in nicely for Kyle Phillips.
Preston Williams didn't go to JUCO. He transferred and sat a year.

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