Joe Biden impeachment inquiry

Newly released emails, obtained via a FOIA request, show that Secretary of State John Kerry's Director of Policy Planning David McKean arranged for money to be wired from his wife's bank account to Hunter Biden's Rosemont Seneca Partners in 2015. At the time Kerry's stepson, Christopher Heinz, held a minority interest in Rosemont. Shortly afterward McKean was appointed as the United States Ambassador to Luxembourg. The previous version of this post had uncorroborated information about McKean's wife (developing).

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I am on youtube frequently. Share lots of videos here.

Joe Biden has always been on there begging for money. Trump or Trump folks are too sometimes. Believe me when I say this because I swear on my life its 100% true...

They use CGI Biden now to beg for money. The videos are ubiquitous...i see them daily. Its not even him. They are not hard to tell that its a "deep fake " either. Seriously. Every 1 that i have seen today is CLEARLY not genuine. The face is completely CGI...the voice is recorded and of course edited/generated to disguise the fact that the morons brain is cooked and he cant even speak in complete sentences anymore. Wow. Never thought this would actually happen...thought it was conspiracy nonsense. Its here. 100% CGI face on the president of the US to beg for money on social media. Shameful.

Edit: I tried to share the videos here but you cant share a commercial like you can a real video
Even the Politico cant look away, the corruption is so obvious - actually, they knew before but now maybe they are trying to push him out before the election.

EVERYONE around Biden was in on it but good ol Joe? of course not!
"To allay concerns about any intermingling of their affairs, the Bidens have said that they observe strict interpersonal firewalls to avoid discussing business among themselves."


Hunter Biden dropped then-VP Joe’s name in 2016 to avoid SEC heat, letter reveals​

First son Hunter Biden invoked his father Joe’s position as vice president to help fend off scrutiny from the Securities and Exchange Commission after it subpoenaed him in a 2016 fraud probe, according to a letter revealed Tuesday.

Ultimately, seven people, including Hunter’s associates Devon Archer and Jason Galanis, were charged with defrauding a Native American tribe — but not the younger Biden himself.

Now House Republicans involved in the impeachment inquiry of President Biden are demanding answers from the SEC.

At the time, the agency was investigating the sale of more than $60 million in fraudulent bonds for an Oglala Sioux tribal entity in South Dakota.
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