It’s Time



"On a Tennessee saturday night."
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Jul 7, 2008
For Ray Mears. For Ernie and Bernie. For Reggie Johnson. For Dale Ellis. For Tony White. For Allan. For Slay. For Lofton. For Grant.

For 60 years our tournament demons. To rid the past of the 70’s failures. Jerry Green underachieving. To exorcise the UNC loss. To forget Conley and Oden. To forget Draymond and Carson Edwards weren’t fouled. The last three years of stupid bad shooting.

40 minutes to cement themselves as the best team in Tennessee basketball history. 40 minutes for Rick Barnes to shut up the overplayed national narrative. 40 minutes for Vol fans to get what they so rightly deserve, supporting the truly tough times in Tennessee basketball.

Beat the ogre. Beat the referees. Screw the doubters. 40 minutes.

Most important game in Tennessee basketball history. I have goosebumps.

For Rocky Top. Let’s go.
Do not want to lose today and have Bama in their first final four and not us especially after we swept them this season and won the SEC
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I’ve seen the movie too many times before. I just can’t get my hopes up because the emotional crash is so much to bear at the end. But I sure hope I’m celebrating in a few hours.

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