Isn’t it amazing that


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Nov 8, 2006
No he wasn’t a rock star hire. Let’s be honest, it was because of his dad. Kiffin was a proven loser who should have never been given the opportunity to coach at UT. We had a proven winner who wanted the job. Muffins name should have never been on our board.
Bull$hit. Kiffin was absolutely considered a homerun hire at the time. He was directly linked with Southern Cal's success as their OC and recruiting coordinator. His time with the Raiders was looked at as an anomaly because everyone thought Al Davis was a fossil and no longer was mentally fit to run the franchise (trust me, I'm a Raider fan. I remember what everyone was saying). The fact that Lane was bringing Monte with him was certainly considered a bonus but not the ONLY reason everyone was excited. At the time Kiffin was a very defendable hire.

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