Is Emily going to be redshirted



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Mar 25, 2009
Really so Zay Green in uniform, practicing last month of season huh? Happens all the time, more so on football, but same redshirt rules apply
Completely different situation with Green, who suffered a torn ACL that can be easily verified as part of a medical hardship waiver application. It was noted at that time that she would be out for the season. She was removed from the active roster that is submitted to the official scorer before each game. I'm not talking about the online roster, I'm talking about what is physically given to the official scorer before each game. Green wore warmups on the bench, but was not considered "dressed" for the game by rule because she wasn't on the active roster. All of her practice work was a part of her rehab.

Saunders did not suffer a verified injury and at no point was she removed from the active roster. She was available for every game, she just wasn't used. It is extremely rare for a medical hardship waiver to be granted under those circumstances. If she was cleared to play by the medical staff, which she was based on her activities in practice AND inclusion on the active roster.

Finally, as of last year, the redshirt rules are not the same as football. The NCAA changed the rule for football only to allow participation in up to 1/4th of scheduled games and still receive a redshirt. They removed the medical part of it. The medical hardship no longer exists in football, other than for consideration of a sixth year in the event two seasons are lost. Again, this rule does not apply for the other sports.

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