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Sep 26, 2015
You can look good on NSD all you want. But if you don't prep your players well and have instability in the weight room, you are doing the players you bring in a huge disservice. The weight room is or seems finally in the right place now. And though there is plenty we might blame on Jones, I think that was more on the administration going cheap on it.

Most of the recruiting analysts determine the star level by what others tell them. And they usually don't realize how many of those others wouldn't know how to find an ear pad in the equipment room. Some of these others probably never played football, but they know how to make a phone call or send an e-mail. Plenty are probably friends of the coaches, and building a player up as a favor. It doesn't make the information they base their ratings on accurate.

They back it up with highlight reels, and most are probably edited from game film or tape from the HS's cameras. And in most cases, compiled by whomever is in charge of game film at the high schools. They have the technology nowadays. They don't include missed tackles, missed blocks, blown assignments or other bad mistakes. What they see and show us is what each player and his HS coach want us to see. You want to know why the star ratings are flawed? I think that is the answer.
They sure didn't skimp on the smoothie bar... it was so dumb how proud he was of that. Also, Nautilus is for middle-aged women. All free weights, baby!


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Mar 20, 2013
don't think so. prolly camping, will earn and offer, and we'll freak out.
we will freak out because a three star package deal that we didn't want, earned an offer to Bama....meaning that our package deal is about to become their package deal....we will suck to infinity and beyond.
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Jan 23, 2009
I think we will see a lot of this. Pruitt knows how to evaluate. He can find the lesser knowns, and get them an offer, and then other schools will swoop in with interest and offers as well.

We can find the diamond in the rough but can we keep them?
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