I just might have to purchase a gaming system...

Oklahoma st is a teir one? 🤣 Git outta here!...Utah too?...OMG!
Wisconsin and Washington have a good case that they should have been included instead based on the last 10 years. We are still 59th in winning percentage over the last decade though and thus are lucky to be tier 2 considering the last 10 years was the metric they used.

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Absolutely. Across the board, Visual Concepts was sharper and more innovative. They were the ones who brought the ESPN presentation into the games, which was so awesome EA felt pressured to buy the ESPN relationship alongside the NFL. The physics simulation in the NFL2k series was light years ahead of Madden - one could even argue it's still better, twenty years later. A testament to just how much the EA NFL game is a pile of duct tape slapped on the same old crap. And it wasn't just the NFL game. NCAA College Hoops, the NCAA 2K football series, NFL 2K series, NHL 2K series -- all better, I would argue. And EA's only response was to buy the rights to the NFL and ESPN so they could lock VC out of it. Cowards. I've despised EA ever since.
I still play college hoops 2k8 till this day, Every week. Deepest career mode I've ever played.
I found it interesting that you won't be able to edit the attributes of any real player. So if Nico is a 76 when the game is released, he's a 76. I did see that EA may release a patch during the season to upgrade players who are over-performing their rating.
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SO REALISTIC...you can WATCH Alabama HOLD Tennessee on THIS Play beginning @ 0:47

Having worked on some of these things in the past - they're never as good as you think they'll be, especially now that EA's finance department has probably shaved every penny they can out of its cost along the way. The "replica jersey" part itself is incredibly suspect. If they're selling it for 150, and we take out 70 for the game, that leaves 80 for the football, jersey, and whatever the hell a "mini-locker" is - oh, and any profit they want to make on the Collector's Edition minus shipping (not just shipping to players, but also shipping from the point of manufacture).

In short - the football looks cheap in the photo, but I bet the replica jersey ends up looking even cheaper. Far better to spend the money buying the extra controller you'll need after you throw the other one into the wall on some BS engine-determined interception while playing Alabama.
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