I decorated these graves today



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Sep 22, 2014
J.W. Wessinger, Company B, Cobb's Legion

John C. Vance, Company G, 2nd Georgia Reserves

A.B. Mitchell, Company I, 2nd Georgia Cavalry

William Terry Colquitt, Company F, 1st Georgia Reserves

J.W. Hood, Company D, Phillips' Legion

Colonel W.D. Lovvorn

Lt. William Baker Hight, Company D, 10th Georgia Cavalry

J.W. Downs, Company I, 2nd Georgia Cavalry

Samuel B. Little, Captain Corbin's Georgia Cavalry

James R. Barrow, Company B, Cobb's Legion

J.L. Morris, Company C, Phillips' Legion

John L. Fletcher, Company I, 2nd Georgia Cavalry

Colonel E. B. Smith
KIA 4/6/1865

Sgt. Luna J. Aderhold
Co. G, 41st GA infantry

J. R. Blunt

E. J. Burns
KIA 6/2/1862

Sgt. Jonathon Copeland
Co. C, 3rd. LA Infantry

Pvt. Steven T. Grainger
Co. B, 8th GA Cavalry

Pvt. James M. Fletcher
Co. H, 41st GA infantry

Joseph Henderson

H. C. Jones
Co. A, GA Reserves

John W. Landers
Co. K, 30th GA Infantry

Pvt. Jabez Miles
Co. I, 2nd GA Cavalry

Cpl. William B. Stephenson
Co. B, Cobbs Legion

Pvt. John Spruill
Co. C, 56th GA Infantry

Pvt. Matthew C. Tarpley
Co. H, 41st GA Infantry

J. W. Yarborough
My ancestors

Captain J P C Belvin

Co. K, 11th GA Volunteers, Anderson’s Brigade, Fields’ Div, 1st Corps, Army of Northern VA

Caleb Barrett

Co. B, 7th SC Infantry

John Francis Asbury Barrett

Co. C, 1st GA (Ramsey’s) Infantry

John F. Barrett

Dawson’s Co, Terrell Light Artillery, GA

W H C Barrett

Dawson’s Co, Terrell Light Artillery, GA

James E Barrett

Co. C, 1st GA (Ramsey’s) Infantry

SGT. Joseph Benjamin Barrett

Co. H, Henderson’s Rangers, 45th GA Infantry * Locket

Seaborne Covington

Co. G, 33rd MS Infantry

Theodore Covington

Co. G, 33rd MS Infantry

KIA, Vicksburg – 7/2/63

Elijah P Crump

Co. G, 34th GA Infantry – Captured at Vicksburg

Thomas J Denmark

Co. K, 47th GA Infantry

Alexander W Durant

Co. D, Hatch’s Rgt, 23rd SC Volunteers

John O Durant

Co I, 4th SC State troops

David E Durant

Co. E, 6th SC Infantry – Severely wounded at Chickahominy

J A Durant

Co. E, 2nd SC Infantry

William W Fowler

Co H, 52nd GA Infantry

Allen J Gibson

Godfrey’s Co, 11th GA Cavalry

SGT. John E Gibson

Co. G, 47th GA Infantry – KIA, James Island, SC 6/10/62

Owen Gibson

Co. H, 7th GA Cavalry

Owen A Gibson

McAllister’s Co, Hardwick Mounted Rifles, GA

SGT. Wyatt A Hill

Co. D, 49th GA Infantry

SGT. Fielding Hight

Trout’s Company, Floyd’s Legion, GA

Robert H Hight

Co. B, 17th AL Sharpshooters – Wounded/captured at Missionary Ridge – Imprisoned at Rock Island, IL

2nd LT William Baker Hight

Long’s Co, 10th GA Cavalry – He is buried next door, about 30’ from my property line. I can see his grave as I type.

2nd Sgt. Nathan D Jones

Co. H, 9th GA Infantry – Died of typhoid fever, 8/20/61

Andrew Jackson Jones

Co. H. 9th GA Infantry

Charles E Jones

Co. D, 10th GA Infantry

SGT. William M Jones

Co. K, 50th GA Infantry

Sgt. Malachi Jones

Co. H, 12th GA Cavalry

Malachi F Jones

Co. K, 50th GA Infantry

Gilmore Justice

Co. C, 10th KY Cavalry (The Diamonds)

Sgt. Samuel J Powell

Co. C, 29th GA Cavalry

Josiah Powell

Lassiter’s Co, Hood’s Bat, 29th GA Infantry

4th Sgt. Lemuel Keasler

Co. K, 2nd SC Infantry

John Berry Keasler

Co. L, 1st SC Infantry (Orr’s Rifles) – KIA 2/10/62

Henry Calhoun Keasler

Co. H, 4th SC Infantry

Joseph C Keasler

Co. K, 17th TX Cavalry

David Campbell Keasler

Co. K, 4th SC Infantry

Joseph S Keasler

Co. K, 19th MS Infantry

William Keasler

Co. K, 22nd SC Infantry

James M Keasler

McDonald’s Co, 4th GA Cavalry

John R Keasler

Tison’s Co, 19th MS Infantry

James Keasler

Co. A, SC State Troops

John F Kesler

Co. F, 37th GA Infantry

David M Kesler

Co. G, 2nd GA Reserves

George Washington Alexander Keasler

Co D, Mississippi Light Artillery – KIA, Vicksburg, 4/10/1863

Phillip J Kesler

Co. D, 15th GA Infantry

James M Kesler

McDonald’s Co, Blue Ridge Tigers, 4th GA Cavalry

William H Kesler

Jones Co, Johnson’s Rgt, 34th GA Infantry

Andrew J Rembert

Captain Roberts Artillery, MS – Age 13 when he volunteered.

Edwin B Rembert

Co. F, 4th MS Cavalry – KIA at age 16.

Francis Marion Rembert

Co. E, 3rd MS cavalry

Charles E Rembert

Captain Roberts’ Co, MS Artillery

John A Rembert

Captain Roberts’ Co, MS Artillery

Madison Rembert

Co. G, 36th MS Infantry

Charles W Rountree

Co. A, 45th GA Infantry

James W Rountree

Brown’s Co, 12 GA Cavalry

Thomas J Stewart

Forrester’s Co, 31st GA Infantry – KIA, Richmond, 2/6/65

5th Sgt. William O Sylvester

Co. E, 63rd AL Infantry

The Baptist cemetery is on the street. When I put the battle flags on the graves aholes would steal them. These morons don't know what the national flag is, so they are theft proof.

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You have some relatives from my home county of Brooks in Georgia, Co. K, 50th Georgia.

On Confederate Memorial Day we would go to West End Cemetery in Quitman where many 50th veterans are buried.
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Sgt. Sanuel J. Powell, 29th GA Cavalry is buried there. He is my great, great grandfather.

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