Here’s why I think ole miss wins


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Jun 25, 2011
Matt C is known for a stinkers every now and then, where he looks awful!! When you lay your head down Friday night, if you are so inclined, pray for it to be against
I undoubtedly will! And I’m not so secretly hoping our defense sneaks up on Ole Miss. Because I don’t expect Lane Kiffin to play this game conservatively. Ole Miss is going to pull out some wild plays in this one. Not just going for it on 4th down either. There’s gonna be a fake punt, fake FG or both. Lane knows what he’s walking in to. He’s going to do everything he can to gain momentum and keep it. He’s taking a huge risk and though I kinda think our defense may be sneaky enough to make him regret it. Either way we’re gonna learn a lot about our team in the next month and this is just the first step.

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