'20 GA RB Len'Neth Whitehead (UT SIGNEE)


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Aug 26, 2007
If you kept up with this thread, you would know that he's all-state in T&F. He (as well as McDaniel) is serious about it as well as football. If you think we only win 2 games this year, you are a damn fool. Take 2 laps for that dumb take. UscE ain't doing a damn thing on defense. How did that defense do in year 4 against bama or unc (1st yr under brown). UscE has always been and will always be mid-level at best sec football program. There's more info on his T&F side, but I will leave it for your ignorant self to dig it up.... You r welcome. 2 laps please.

If Whitehead wants to try shot-putt in college, USC doesn't have too bad a T&F program in that discipline: in 2018, they had Josh Awotunde who finished 2nd in Shot-Put at the SEC Outdoor Championships, to UT's guy finishing 3rd. Awotunde won the SEC title in Indoor Shot-put in 2018. This past Outdoor SEC Championships, USC's Eric Favors finished 3rd to UT's guy who finished in 2nd place. Not too much difference there between the two programs in that area......
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Nov 12, 2018
Why not just take all of them? We have the room. We need 3 ILBs this class anyways. I’d take Whitehead, all the kids from Whitehaven and another Edge guy opposite of Ojulari (Grimes being the most realistic top target there). Move McDonald to Safety when he gets here. And go get another RB to keep Whitehead on D.
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