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Apr 5, 2009
“I was super excited to get the offer,” Brown said. “Coach Martin stopped by school earlier and we exchanged a few words. I felt like I would hear the good news later from Tennessee and I did.

“I actually haven’t any communication with Tennessee at all up until today.”

Brown, who is a 4.0 student, has seen Auburn, Clemson, and Georgia already this year. He plans to see Clemson again, Ohio State, South Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee sometime this summer.”

When Brown sees Tennessee this summer, it won’t be his first trip to Knoxville. He was in Knoxville last fall t see the Vols play.

“I will say that I really liked Knoxville,” Brown said.

Brown rushed for 1,600 yards and 25 touchdowns for Parkview High School in 2018. And Brown said everyone likes his physicality and that fact that he’s a north-south runner.

“They like that I’m a downhill runner and I won’t let one tackler bring me down from getting into the end zone,” Brown said.

Brown admits he grew up liking Georgia and in recent years has started liking Clemson as well. He did make it clear that he is in no hurry to make a decision and that he will chose his school based on a couple of factors.

“I’m looking for a great academics, great football team, and a great home atmosphere,” Brown said.

He visited last fall for a game, but says he hasnt had any communication with the staff until his offer?

What game did he visit for? Did he come up as a fan, or maybe with his teammate Terian Williams - who we offered on November 7th. Wish Hubbs would've clarified that.
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