'20 GA RB/CB Ebony Jackson


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Nov 15, 2017
I respect your opinion but you need some new bifocals! This kid is amazing and the latest highlight video proves it. The YAC and his fight to not go down after initial contact stood out the most to me. But there is a ton of good stuff in the highlight video (has hands, finding soft spots to bail out the QB, etc...)! Id much rather have him as a Vol then have to play against him.
I like his measurables.

This new film, had it been the sample we got first, I would have had a different perspective. He appears to be growing as a running back. Certainly improved 'Biggly' over the previous film. He will probably be around a 92 when as is said and done if he keeps up his improvements.

My statements were based off the previous film. Anyone that says he was a stud based off of it, is a delusional sunshine pumper. With this film I could see him sticking. And like I said I would say he will be a 4 star back.

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