'25 GA EDGE Isaiah Gibson (uga commit)

Who said “sorry”? The insiders of this board didn’t mince words, contracts are non binding for recruits so they can change their mind anytime. They just let us in on some good info about his NIL contract does that mean he is a lock…no it doesn’t nobody is a lock in recruiting until they sign but hard to say it’s not a good sign regardless of “predictions”

I’m too high to even pretend to know what you just said.

I said, “sorry” for laughing because I thought it was funny that he was confident and the next time I checked this thread it said, “cbs to UGA”
UT has never had many of the "expert" predictions on the services. He may not choose UT, but it won't be because we lost him like many trolls and negas will claim. You can't lose what you never had.
True. And TWSS on your last sentence
How awesome is it that UT is back in the running in these big-boy recruiting battles against championship teams.

I remember us being told to celebrate recruiting wins not too long ago against teams like Georgia Tech or Georgia State. The level of prospect that UT is in on and getting sometimes is vastly different than some of the classes in the last 10-15 years.
I find it hard to see this one getting outta Georgia especially if the rumors of Perlotte being a lock to flip are legit..Look Kirby ain't gonna have us taking recruits from them that easy.On top of the kid being a phenomenonal rusher (which some would debate if it isn't the 2nd most important position in football next to LT) hes an instate 5 star!

So the mutts and ole bowl cut bippy will pony up because Kirby aint fixing to lose another instate guy 5 star at that to Tennessee without resistance...They'll pull the Ole "We moved on" and "He likes dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate" Yada bs but from a perception standpoint it be a orange eye for em...
And there it is
I'm not saying he's coming here, but the crystal balls are a reaction to him canceling his OU visit to go back to UGA. Once it's been confirmed he's back there, the analysts started throwing out the predictions. Until he publicly announces, this one isn't over. May not be over then.
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