'20 GA DT Nazir Stackhouse


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Aug 1, 2018
Since you brought him up (Bass), notice I haven’t posted in that thread for a long time on what I’m hearing, just his words. I’m still hearing UGA and have for awhile. Hearing he is still recruiting for UGA, still talking to Theo Johnson to come.

BUT, I fully acknowledge he could be telling two staffs the same thing. Either way he goes, fully wish him great success, he comes from a very poor beginning. If he commits to TN, will pull for him to do great things at UT.

Expect Bama to offer former Arkansas commit Brandon Frazier. They will be in home with him tomorrow and with Jeremiah Peques again next week, that would bode well for either TN or GA in regards to Washington.
I have to admit that I've seen a lot more trolling of Washington from UT fans then I have from secking.
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