'24 GA ATH Kamron Mikell (Colorado commit)

Sounds to me like we're the constant. His brain says TN, but heart says Georgia.
I wouldn’t assume that much.

Hometown pressure can be large no matter how he feels about them. Let’s hope our long standing relationship wins out over whatever ugas pitch is.
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I think he starts as one of the first WRs off the bench. Either way you need an X from the portal imo. Can’t be just Webb for next year. Then you got Thornton at Z and Squirrel in the slot. Mike can play slot and Z so that should help. Also gotta see how much inside run they give Thornton next year
Out of curiosity, how do the X/Z roles differ?
FYI because I haven't seen it posted here. Matt Ray mentioned last night that Kamron was battling the flu but will still play in there game tonight. But depending upon how he is feeling after there is a chance he won't make it in. Take it for what it's worth, but Matt didn't seem to hint that the kid didn't want to come visit, just unfortunate timing. We'll see if he makes it in or not.
That was mentioned like 4 posts ago
Sorry it is Friday but feels like Monday - ignore me
Oh, bud. If I don't ignore any of the other trolls on here, I'm sure not going to ignore you for trying to bring actual updates.

If you want to contribute to that information just go to page 23 and give your opinion.

I will probably ignore your opinion though.
Out of curiosity, how do the X/Z roles differ?
The three spots are X/Z/and S (Slot). Slot is obvious. X is your physical receiver that will be up on the line of scrimmage. If you put a receiver on an island, it's probably going to be him. Your Z is still on the perimeter, but off the line of scrimmage. Probably a playmaking perimeter target with some speed bc the corner won't always be right there with him at the line. He might be off some so he doesn't get ran by. You can move him around with sweeps and all that good stuff too. Guys like Bru, Tillman, Keyton, Webb who are your more physical possession receivers will typically be at the X. Guys like Thornton, Nimrod, Mike/Hyatt when they play outside are usually your lighter guys with speed and playmaking creativity will typically be at the Z. That's really how I look at it
I haven't kept up with the ends and outs of this recruitment, but it feels like it's taking FOREVER for this fella to decide.
Yeah it's been that way for months right?
Well with Georgia they initially wanted him as a DB but he decided he wanted to play WR and they finally had to and chose to cave and recruit him as a WR and efforts from that angle have stepped up relatively recently. Colorado gonna be there with his cousin committed. Tennessee has remained the constant. Definitely going to be interesting to see how it pans out
Rumor has always been the kid loves Georgia, but they weren't offering at the position he wants to play. Now they are. I think his heart is telling him Georgia. No idea what his head is telling him.

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