Funny things kids say (UT edition)



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Jul 22, 2008
Instead of wallowing in self pity in the FF, I am bringing some levity to the pub.

Couple funny things my kids have said over the years about TN football...

1) We go to a corn maze each fall like many families do. One year when my oldest was about 4 we were on the hay ride and my wife was pointing out how the corn grows. He turns to her and says matter of fact, “But mommy, on Rocky Top they get corn from a jar.”

2) My boys have learned from an older cousin to take their shirt off and say “I’m a maaan!”... they were telling my wife this and she said “Well I think being a man is being kind and empathetic to others and helping when they need help, like your Daddy”

Oldest said “Daddy isn’t always kind to everybody, mommy”

Wife: “who is he not kind to?”

Oldest: “There are two football teams Daddy is very mean to. The Gators and Alabama”


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