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Mar 14, 2005
the Pregame Report:

1. Nice turnout by the Tennessee faithful. Probably some folks using money earmarked for a bowl trip.
2. Got the opportunity to speak with Joe Lunardi. An extremely gracious guy.
3. Noon tipoffs should be banned.
4. Maze should have a big day. Temple's points are, to be kind, limited.
5. I wish Memphis-Georgetown were on ESPN tonight, instead of CBS this afternoon. That would allow me to head to 30th Street Station and catch a train to DC to watch.
6. I'll be interested to see who Pearl puts on Dionte Christmas. That will say a whole lot about which defender he trusts most.
7. People are still buzzing about St. Joe's-Villanova. That's why Philadelphia is easily the best college hoops town in America. They really care.
8. All about pace today. Tennessee wins easily if this is a high possession game.
9. Bill Raftery signs almost as many autographs as Vitale.
10. Looking for to the Crosstown Shootout tonight. It's been awhile since X v. UC has been worthy of the history of the series.
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Did Tyler look like he'd been out late the night before? Maybe had a few drinks too many? Because he's playing like it.
He's pressing. He'll be fine. Also, he's expecting a foul instead of just finishing strong, it happens. He'll settle down. I promise...
That was a pathetic 20 minutes of basketball... letting Temple shoot 50% and we shot under 30%.

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