Excellent story about Pat's last 4 players in the WNBA

Apr 29, 2016
This power of this article brings it all back, those last years of Coach Summitt's life and that fateful day when all of us lost our "BELOVED COACH." It is all too easy to get immersed in the championships, the wins, and shear magnitude of Coach Pat Head Summitt and the Lady Vols program. Far too often we overlook the essence of Pat Summitt, a giant of a woman and a giant of a human being. I believe that Coach Summitt's life and example challenges us in the same way she challenged her players, start your own engine, raise your standards and build the greatest version of your best self, work hard, and discipline yourself so no one else has to-- traditional fundamental principles that gives birth to lasting achievement. Pat's love for people and her players as evidence the touching memories of Candice, Shakinna, Glory, and Issy, stand as the strongest and most unrelenting testament of her legacy save her family. In times good and in times bad, Pat Summitt's life serves to empower all of us to strive to be bigger than we know, and bigger than we believe. THANK YOU COACH SUMMITT -- GO LADY VOLS 4 LIFE!!!!!

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