Duck Hunters Thread

seen a good amount of ducks yesterday. we wasnt where they wanted to be though. got a greenhead and woodie
End of the week was good. Weekend not so much. Crazy weather patterns right now. One day I’m in a tshirt and the next I’m in my thick coat with a heater on.
Saturday and Sunday was pretty good considering the weather that moved through. 20 mph North wind always helps.
Ok, it normally goes quiet when things are really good or really bad. We have been doing pretty good the last few days.
been hunting gooch unit e. did decent yesterday. our field is having worst season on record. usually kill more opening day than we have got so far
Well, since moving back to Knoxville after living in Memphis for a few years, I didn't expect to get to hunt as much this year. Unfortunately I've only been able to hunt once since opening weekend, though every hunt I have been on has been pretty good. My wife is keeping the kids in East TN while I get to head West for the final weekend of the season and I couldn't be more excited. I don't care if I see a duck, I just want to be in the bottom for a few days. Good luck to ya'll as it all wraps up!
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Turned out to be a pretty good season. Fortunately I was able to get in on some good hunts. It sucks being a day early or a day late. This year it worked out pretty good for me. No bands but plenty of good meat in the freezer.
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Figured I would resurrect this thread for the year with a little info. Drew swan permits for NC and Virginia this year and gonna be taking some guys from Colorado on their first swan hunt. Leaving tomorrow to start heading towards Arkansas for some specks and ducks during thanksgiving week. Want to hear about everyone’s hunts!
I had a really good South Dakota pheasant hunt a couple weeks ago. 3 days and 3 limits. Good food and good dogs. Time well spent with friends.

Now bring on the fowl.
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Had a pretty good trip to Ark. Shot close to duck limits on 2 days and 5 man goose limits on all 3 days. I went quadfecta on an afternoon goose hunt in dry field with a snow, blue, Ross, and spec which was a first for me lol. saw a lot of the Juvi snows with that avian flu just walking around in circles drunk or land in water and keel over. Very weird.

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