Corey Walker should have helped this year, will he next year?


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Apr 6, 2015
I'll say for any of the players this year, it was harder to develop the younger guys as 1. We had less out of conference games against weaker opponents. 2. We were expected to be a top 10 team, so the focus was far more on winning than developing players. Last year we weren't very good after Turner went out, so giving guys like Gaines, Pember, whoever else some minutes was fine. Not like we were trying to lose or anything, but giving 5-10 minutes a game to development didn't really matter.

As for Walker, there's a huge hole at PF with Yves gone. He has as good a chance as anyone on the roster at filling that void. Backup SF and PF is also very much open. It'll be on him to get in the gym and work on his game and his body.

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