Consensus Top 10...well done CJP


Patience... It's what's for dinner
Jul 7, 2005
Except they don't play UF UGA and Bama every year.
no, but they did put together teams that can beat UGA, Bama, the post season.

and as bad as the ACC is today....when Dabo got that job and thru his formative years in to what Clemson is today, the ACC had a bit of a hay day with FSU winning a national title, and up until the end of the fisher era, was a conf contender pretty much every year.

Virginia tech is a shell of it's former self, but back then was still a solid program.

and GT and Wake forest were competitive....

still, not the SEC by any comparison....but the ACC, not all that long ago, wasn't as bad as it is it's just awful......5-8 years ago it was a lot better than today's version....

not sure that really matters in the grand scheme....just point it out.

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