College World Series

I thought LSU would poach tony and that the team would be lucky to make a regional after the 5-10 start last year and I’m still more rational than a lot of posters here sometimes. Stats mean nothing 😂
Thankfully Danny White was not about to let that happen. UT opened the checkbook for CTV and the $100M in stadium renovations to ensure it won‘t happen.
Interesting. The Vols are 5th nationally in ERA (3.84), 4th in WHIP (1.22) and 3rd in strikeouts-to-walks ratio (3.41). And this is without arguably our best pitcher missing (AJ Russell has been on DL for the majority of the season). AJ Russell will be back (likely in a reliever role) likely next week to add more depth. Vols are well balanced in hitting and pitching.
I tend to look at the SEC only games stats this late in the season for pitching. Even so, we have an almost identical ERA to Mississippi State. They have given up 3 more ER than us but have also pitched more innings. The past 2 weekends have really dropped ours so hopefully that is a sign of more to come. If you remove each team’s worst game, or outlier, then things change quite a bit. Just goes to show how one bad game can inflate your numbers.

Arkansas 3.82 ERA 212 IP 90 ER
Mississippi State 4.68 ERA 205.2 IP 107 ER
Tennessee 4.70 ERA 199 IP 104 ER
Texas A&M 4.87 ERA 209 IP 113 ER
Kentucky 4.88 ERA 210.1 IP 114 ER

Arkansas 3.48 ERA 204 IP 79 ER
Mississippi State 4.06 ERA 199.1 IP 90 ER
Tennessee 4.12 ERA 192 IP 88 ER
Kentucky 4.52 ERA 201.1 IP 101 ER
Texas A&M 4.61 ERA 201IP 103 ER
Yeah, the Friday night games were a struggle bus for us (at least from a pitching standpoint) in the early goings of conference season. We've definitely settled into more of a rhythm. Not to beat a dead horse, but to put those stats up after losing our ace is really crazy. Tony Vitello is just an out-of-this-world blessing for our university.
LOL. Ole Miss won the whole damn thing in 2022. We didn't make it out of the super regional. They were the last team selected and we had one of the most talented teams on both sides of the ball in recent memory. It's impossible to predict what's going to happen.

We swept them that year. I believe at their place

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