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it says on volquest that the vols received a commitment from 2008 linebacker austin johnson. i dont know anything about him, but some of the board members are saying he is a 5* player and likely the top linebacker in the country.

anyone know any info about our new 2008 commit?
Thx 12, it didn't hurt that Austin himself got on VQ and let everyone know that he was gonna be a Vol earlier in the day.

Rick, you are forgetting Pope and Raines, which we will likely bring back in once their grades go up. My guesses(who knows?) on the final 11 and maybe a few extras are:

1. Chris Donald(LB)
2. Chris Walker(LB)
3. Eric Berry(ATH)
4. Marvin Austin(DT)
5. Harrison Smith(S)
6. Rufus Williams(DE)
7. Matt Romine(OL)
8. Donald Langley(DT)
9. Jerome Messam(RB)(Pipe dream most likely)
10. Cody Pope(OL)
11. Stephaun Raines(ATH)
Sign N Place Candidate 1. Rae Sykes(DE)
Sign N Place Candidate 2. Dennis Rogan(RB)
Sign N Place Candidate 3. Rod Davis(WR)
Sign N Place Candidate 4. Tavis Hogsett(LB)

I'd like one more DT, so Messam could be replaced with Fili, English, the Hawaiian guy, or a JUCO.
Right now, I would say it is a tossup. He lists, I think, a final 7 and every team on it has there own troubles. Here is his final 7:

Florida State:pros-good at putting DL in NFL
Cons-no offense and questionable coaching stability

Cons:ummm, ok

Maryland:pros-hometown team
Cons:ummm, ok

Miami-same boat as FSU

Southern Cal:pros-one of "the" teams right now, good pipeline to NFL
Cons-distance from home and possible infractions from Bush saga

Virginia:pros-a few teammates go to UVA
Cons-ummm, ok

Tennessee:pros-a few friends go to UT, DL pipeline to NFL
Cons-possible questionable coaching stability

I wouldn't use playing time as a pro or a con for any of these schools because Austin can come in and factor immediately. There is talk he may be looking at ND, but I'm not sure how solid that is, especially with how they have been playing. So yeah, I think fans from any team on that list have a legit argument as to Marvin choosing their squad.
Some info on Austin Johnson per a poster on VQ:

The "BRUSIER" is 6'3", 235 heavy hitter from Hickory High School in NC. He is a Jr. He plays fullback and linebacker. He never leaves the field and dominates! He can play any position on the field including punter and place kicker( His dad asked the coach not to play Austin as punter so he could concentrate on LB/FB )He has not been to any combines because he is an allstar baseball player. He is left handed and throws 90 mph with great control and a great curve and change-up. Speculation is that he will be drafted high in the MLB draft out of high school.He has been attending UT football games since he was born. He has always loved the Vols and has always worn Vol aparell and has a UT flag up in his room. At a visit earlier this year at the CAL game , he wore a UT football shirt! He was in the Vol walk with the team wearing that shirt! He was raised right! He is being HEAVILY recruited by Auburn, Notre Dame, Texas Georgia Tech, Vandy(HE has a 4.0 gpa in advanced classes! Smart kid!), NC State, Georgia and most every school in the country. HE LOVES THE VOLS and will be a great player with great character for our great program in 2008!
so anyone know if any recruits did infact come to the game?

RB Lennon Creer was the only official visitor, according to

Speaking of Creer, I think he'll be a Vol. He said after the Cal game that we were in front, with Miami in 2nd, and with the way Miami is playing, and with a coaching change sure to come, I'm not sure he wants to go to "The U".
this is going to be a pivotal class for the vols, esp after we whiffed last year, I think we may be ok, by the way went to Donald's myspace and was encouraged by his school pics that have him wearing an orange and white wristband
Have we considered going the Juco route to find a WR? We lose Swain and Smith this year. Hopefully Meachem won't go anywhere. I haven't seen enought out of the other guys to make me think they will be able to be big time contributors next year.
As long as we continue to improve (and show we are not the UT of last year) I think 2008 is going to be a great recruiting year as well. It is getting off to a great start very, very early. We have what will most likely be the #1 player Tennessee and the #1 player in North Carolina. And, both will probably be among the top at their position in the entire country.
Have we considered going the Juco route to find a WR? We lose Swain and Smith this year. Hopefully Meachem won't go anywhere. I haven't seen enought out of the other guys to make me think they will be able to be big time contributors next year.
We might also half to go the juco route for defensive tackles. We look to be thin at that position for next year.
We're looking everywhere for DTs including JUCO, we will land our share(2-3). As for WR, we already have 3-4 so I really don't see us going after anymore. There are a few JUCO WRs looking at us but I'm not sure how hard we are pursuing.
now that we have a special forum, no need to limit this to one thread.
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