Cigar /Pipe Smoking thread

Vey nice!

I have just been offered a box of H Upmann Super Magnum - the full book box and all. I really really want it but sigh, I have a big purchase coming up and cant justify it to myselfto get the sticks - even though it is at a very very good price.
That’s one of the nicest cigars I’ve ever had.

Just got back from the Smoke Pit. They do not carry PG. However, referring to this thread🙂, I made a small haul.

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I've been wanting to go back and read through this entire thread but hadn't taken the time until now. Pretty cool read, made it to page 14 in tonight's venture. This incredible haul by @malinoisvol is as good a place as any to pause. I'll pick it back up tomorrow.
BTW, supposed to be warm enough out that I have a Serie V Churchill extra and a New World on tap.
@Gandalf, what are your favorite maduros?

Top of the list probably Padron 1964 and the 1926 Maduro
Melanio maduro
Oliva V
Oliva Master blends 3
Aston aged Maduro
Most any La Aroma de Cuba, mi amor
Drew undercrown Maduro
Montecristo 1935
My father le bijou
And my fav ep carillo pledge

Some are more pricey than others but you really can’t go wrong with any of those.

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