Candace Parker is leaving LA


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Jan 21, 2019
Had to go somewhere right after the game, but back now. WOW! What a game! I cried as soon as I saw Candace crying, then the whole team was crying, sweet. I really like their players! Didn’t look like the Sky were gonna win for most of the game, their shots weren’t falling, except for Allie Quigley who kept them in the game, and their defense was allowing Phoenix players a lot of open shots. With time running down the Sky came back, I actually thought the crowd hollering Defense Defense helped them. Candace got some steals, rebounds, and assists, then tied it up with that 3! The Sky had superior passing, especially Vandersloot and Candace who were definitely on the same page.

The good guys won! (Always nice to see players like Taurasi and Cunningham lose.) It’s gonna be nice when Candace, our new Champion, our best Lady Vol ambassador, comes to visit the Lady Vols.

Congratulations to Candace, Diamond, Tonya, and the whole Sky Team, you did it, you never gave up and you won the Championship!!! GO SKY!!! and GO LADY VOLS!!!


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May 22, 2016
Let's be honest even though this was Chicago vs Phoenix we saw it as Tennessee vs Connecticut be HONEST
Kinda and kinda not. After all, Stephanie Dolson plays for the Sky, as does Azura Stevens.

It's not just that the Mercury has Diana. They also have Griner, who everyone loved to hate in college, and Sophie Cunningham, who is a little punk (I'm being nice here). Skylar Diggins was also quite unlikable in college at Notre Dame.

I will say Dolson was not my favorite player in college. Not just because of her playing for UConn, but her constant going over the back and setting moving screens that rarely went called, but she's grown on me a lot in the pros with the Mystics and Sky -- way before Diamond or Candace were teammates of hers.
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Feb 23, 2018
Diana shouldn’t have even been playing in that third game and we all know it. I’m still not over that. She knows it was BS too. WNBA bending the rules for her was suspect on so many levels and deserves a real explanation. The Sky made her a total non-factor in that game and I truly think they were proving a point.

As for the door? What a poor sport she is, not new.

And this is who we’re supposed to call the greatest of all time? We’re supposed to be happy this player has represented us in 5 Olympics? Nah.


This is my G.O.A.T. a true baller and a real role model. Candace is going to be lighting up our TV screens long after her playing career is done. She never stops growing the game, herself, or those around her. That’s Pat man.

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