Caitlin Clark going pro Will WNBA get a media contract increase from 60 million to 80 - 100 million out of ESPN

I'm sure there's jealousy of all ballyhooed rookies, and the desire to 'welcome' them to real world. 10x so for CC. I'm sure her teammates will have her back

It's even more complicated than race, some have openly also grumbled that she's not only white, but what they call "straight non masc." So sexual pref and presentation are in there too.

Representation is so complicated. Is it unfair for a league or any entity to have their new "face" be someone who 'doesn't look like them'? Should the representation always be from the majority upon whom 'the league was built'? Are they right that she's getting all this attention precisely bc she's white and straight and therefore more 'acceptable' to sell? So what then, you ignore what CC has accomplished and blow off the $ and interest she brings? All really tough issues.

I'm as sick of CC as anyone and would rather take a beating than flip thru a 97 pg ESPN booklet of her life. I can't stand the whiney, over dramatic, fake emotional on court persona. But then there's ALL those records . . .
…futbol. @MAD has perverted my sports domain … 😉

What the hell is a pitch? I thought it was a delivery toward home plate…
The pitch is where the fixtures are played, though fixtures are sometimes called ties but ties never result in "ties," if the final score is nil-nil, that is a draw.
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Welp the NWSL needs the viewers because currently they are still trying to breakthrough lol the W has a solid fan base and viewership so 1 less wont hurt lol as im sure you will sneak and watch some games anyways lol . Undercover fans :)
Last season, NWSL TV ratings and attendance both jumped up 25% so that league is trending in the right direction.
Last season, NWSL TV ratings and attendance both jumped up 25% so that league is trending in the right direction.
also just signed a 240 million dollar media deal, raised the level of investment required to own a team, and are quietly but steadily expanding so more US players have an opportunity to have a pro career. It’s the third (or fourth?) iteration of pro women’s soccer in the US and they’ve seemingly gotten it right this time.
It may help some, but I don’t think it will be anything significant or long term. College basketball is more viewable by fans and will remain that way. She’s only a big deal this year because of the records, but after she goes pro, I suspect it will be just like any other player.
Gabby Marshall had herself a game.
And her going into medical field
Is a worth wild pursuit.
Story of her brother inspiring her after basketball
Puts in Focus what college sports is meant to be most about.
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Dang, was just going to post that. Cold! That players lucky Clark stepped over her instead of on her. Meanwhile, the LVs rush to a fallen teammate like they’re about to get sucked down into quicksand.
We don't know what went down on the floor. if her teammate said, "I'm good", the internet arm chair quarterbacks look clueless. Number 45 got on her feet quick enough. If she was hurt, number 20 wouldn't have in bounded the ball.
CC will hopefully learn from a phenom from a different era. While CC respects what Jackie Styles accomplished and taking a day off will help her have a lengthy career. After becoming the WNBA ROY, Styles suffered a torn rotator cuff, broken wrist and and achilles tendon tear in her second season. Clark has the same drive to be the best and the future will tell if she can take days off and not let the on court physicality and off court media crush suffocate her life.
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