Pulling my 34' camper to Destin we stopped at Buc-ee's in Calhoun to gas up. That will never happen again. Doing a U turn on Kingston pike during morning rush hour would be easier than maneuvering thru the gas pumps.
It kinda is, though. I'm not fooled by the hype, but I fully admit we're planning to go to PF for lunch. But understand this is company time we're talkin' about here.
Drove by there the evening before the opening on the way home from Canada. Oh well, another time.
Will be short-lived as the largest one. They’re building one in Luling, Texas, which will be larger.
Lol… some people truly act like it’s a destination.
Ft. Valley location got you spoiled. I did exit for the Calhoun location on my way back from Maconga Sunday but the line was so long that I opted for the truckstop across the road.
Pretty cool. Has anything you’d want during a trip and a lot you don’t even know you’d want until given a try. Options are never a bad thing. Well run operation and big employer here in Texas. They’re opening one in Crossville and I told my nephew he needs to apply…since he’s an institution at another travel center already. It’s been a year since I ventured to the store in Denton, but I never regret the stop.
I went today and got a car wash
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