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Mar 9, 2015
Watching the birds at my feeder this winter, I notice for the first time bluebirds scrounging for bits of sunflower seed meal in the dish below the feeder. Anyone else have bluebirds visiting their feeders in similar fashion?

The scarlet finches are plentiful. Goldfinches are visitors that come and go with the weather changes. Chickadees dart in and grab seeds to hammer open in the nearby trees, as do white breasted nuthatches. The brown headed nuthatches have become scarce with the colder weather. Every now and then, red bellied woodpeckers will dart in, grab a seed, and hammer it open against the trees.

A few years ago, a couple of blue jays would grab seeds and hammer these open on tree branches, but not this year.

Below the feeder, dark headed juncos and sparrows will work the yard for bits of seed meal. It seems these are taking advantage of the way the scarlet fiches feed (messy eaters?).

Of course, every bird scatters when the cardinals thump down to graze the seeds I pour out onto the dish for them. :)
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