Anyone been to the CWS?

Rather like hotel prices in SEC fooball games. Tend to skyrocket. We visited this 'hotel' years ago; looks promising.


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Okay so I moved to Lincoln about 6 years ago.. if you have a car to drive or renting a car just stay in Lincoln as the heart of Lincoln is just under a 50 min drive to the front of the stadium.. I just got a hotel room for the first Monday(the in-laws have a Huge tailgate that first Monday every year) and I think I paid like $170 out near the airport! As for game tickets it just depends.. that Friday night game 2(6pm local time) of the start of the World Series is always the most expensive game early on.. but most games from Sunday-Wednesday are really cheap. I’m lucky as I get $50 tickets on row 1 and 2 right on 3rd base dugout. But as stated earlier as teams get beat and closer to game times tickets can get cheaper

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