Alcoa Brian Sommer and two others suspended



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Oct 22, 2003
Alcoa High School football coach Gary Rankin has suspended seniors Brian Sommer, Troy Hodge and Josh Henry for at least the first half of Friday night’s game at Spring Hill.

Ok, so it's only for a half. :)
what an idiot, how stupid can you get to smoke pot when you are gettin full rides from sec schools, cant somebody tell him no?
yea, i gotta couple friends that went to school with him and they got a call from someone sayin he had been first reaction was, this guy is f'n stupid?...he had offers from numerous good schools..its just a waste of talent..its a shame
Sommer has been offered scholarships by Tennessee, Alabama, Colorado, South Carolina and informally by Kentucky. Last season, he had nine interceptions and caught 33 passes for 416 yards and five touchdowns.

"I don't think he's been playing well," said Rankin. "It's pretty obvious. It doesn't take a coach to look at the Maryville game and understand that he shouldn't even have been out on the field with some of those great players. He's been going downhill for a while. Apparently, he's having some problems, and it was showing in his play."

Sommer could have those offers pulled considering not only his arrest and him not playing this season, but also his coach, who is one of the most repected in the south, calling out his play and focus.

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