'25 AL CB Na’eem Offord (Ohio State commit)

A lockdown corner would be a game changer. Minus Sutton we havent had a guy you could mention as lockdown since Jason Allen.
Bryce Thompson was pretty good. Taylor got drafted in the 2nd round, but Thompson had the better college career.

None of the guys mentioned are as talented as this kid. He looks like Percy Harvin playing CB.
Itś time for Tennessee to explode! We need this kid and Shemar Earls out of VA.

Damien Shanklin EDGE out of Indianapolis, IN
Radarious Jackson WR our Memphis, TN
Bo Jackson, RB out of Cleveland, OH
Marcus Harris WR out of Santa Ana, CA
Josh Petty OT out of Roswell, GA
Elijah Griffen DT out of Savannah, GA
Carlton Smith and Ari Wafford LB, and DE, out of Maury, VA
Ladanian Martin RB out of Greer, SC
Caleb Cunningham WR out of Akerman, MS
Cameron Sparks ATH, out of Chattanooga, TN
Peyton Joseph OG out of Warner Robins, GA
Chauncey Gooden OG out of Nashville, TN
Douglas Utu, OT out of Las Vegas, NV
David Sanders OT out of Charlotte, NC
Messiah Delhomme S out of Hampton, VA
Cameron Smith LB out of Philadelphia, PA
Ethan Utley DT out of Nashville, TN
Christian Garrett DT out of Athens, GA
I hope your right. I'm tried of seeing an underperforming Ohio State getting this talent south of the Mason Dixon line.
Me too.
A lot of these kids just end up in the transfer portal anyway

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