ACL injuries !



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Oct 1, 2012
Just checked dates. Indeed, Geter was a freshman on the 97-98 team that went 39-0 (Holdsclaw's 3rd NC as a player) and it was the next season that Elzy blew out her ACL and the LVs lost to Duke in the elite 8 game.
Still wrong. Elzy was a starter alongside Jolly in the backcourt on that undefeated team, with Randall coming off the bench to wreak havoc, until she injured her knee early February and Randall took her place as a starter. Fortunately they still had enough to finish that season without a loss. What's sad is so many people have forgotten how good Elzy was until that injury. She tried to come back the following season (98-99) on the team that eventually lost to Duke but couldn't recover enough and had to redshirt. She played the following two seasons as a shell of the player she was, most notably stepping in to take Ace Clement's place in the starting lineup when after Ace somehow managed to injure her ankle right before the 2000 National Championship game. As we know UConn destroyed Tennessee in that one, and fans have debated whether the game would have been a lot closer if Ace hadn't been injured after the two teams split two great games during the regular season (Elzy was a nonfactor)...

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