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Nov 5, 2005
Harper hits the ground running

The article reports on KJH's conversations with recruit families.

Interestingly, there is no mention of the recently signed 4th recruit from Australia.
The girl was supposed to come to UT in March and visit. When Holly was fired she change her plans because of no head coach. She has again shown interest in UT with the hire of Kellie.


Oct 19, 2013
Bingo... hence the awkward pause by Kellie.
Yes, and remember her looking to the side for verification and saying, “I don’t think I can legally answer that question.” Because NCAA rules were the “legally” determination. Give her credit for the pause; would not have been nice to have a (admittedly minor) violation at her first press conference.


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Nov 13, 2015
So you cannot talk about recruits till L.O.I. Is signed.... And she has yet visited or signed! That being said: If we stay pat on our current players and with 3 2019 recruits coming. That gives us 12 vs. 15 available spots . Some would say that is a lot of players for playing time ! However , a closer look shows playing time may not be so tight ?

Harris has always been a sub and mostly in early season and never in crunch time ! Saunders May take awhile to become any kind of a contributor? Maybe be a Red shirt situation? ( To be considered) JMO

So this brings us down to 10 or 11 wether Rennie comes or not ?
1. Evina——- Jaz
2. Horston—- Zay
3. Davis ——-Burrelle
4. Brown —— MiMi
5. kK. ———- Key

Just my opinion of start or second or different line ups ! You can put who you want wherever , and Kelly will work her own plans . Mine is just for numbers sake . JMO

I think we need Jessie Rennie just because .... 1 a three point shooter ( we have never had a consistent one ) 2 London and Brown gave us a foreign path to recruits. I think more and more schools are starting to use this outlet to improve their teams ..... Uconn going to CROATIA for their point guard ???? Gotta stay in this game to come back to relevance !

Now back to the numbers.... With or without Rennie we are at 12 or 13 for 2019-20 with two seniors. And 10 or 11 for 2020-21 which still allows for 4 or 5 spots available! The positive/ negatives we have 3 seniors and 4 Juniors with a chance of playing early is minimal . Harder to get top recruits who want PT. How many teams that can put four players on the court that ranked in the top 11 or 12 of their class and ten in the top fifty ! JMO
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