#23 Tennessee @ #4 Vandy Game 1 Thread - 7:30PM



Dec 7, 2015
I am starting this thread now because I am trying to forget about the basketball game. But I do love those guys, one of my favorite Tennessee teams of all time.

I am also starting this now because I really dislike Vandy. I don't like their condescending attitude towards my beloved UT. I don't like the fact that they now regularly beat us in football, which should never happen. I grew up knowing George Cafego as a mainstay on the coaching staff and hearing about him as a player. He didn't like Vandy, so neither do I. One of my best friends over the last 35+ years is a Vandy Alum and an arrogant pr*%k. He went to grad school at UT and rooted for Russia over the Vols in a preseason basketball game while there.

This baseball team is capable of winning this series, forget about the midweek game. Both Saturday and Sunday will be televised on the SEC network. Friday's game will be on SECN+ but will be a better production than we saw last weekend.

I apologize for the rant. I may have had a couple of beers and a couple of ports while watching the game.

Go Vols!

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