2027 recruiting

I really wouldn't worry too much about it. I mean Sam Purcell and his staff could be gone by 2027. He has certainly underachieved.

Yeah the odds of them being there for 2026 are low imo. If they under achieve this season (as it looks like they will) it’s probably over for him there.

No clue what happened but they had some sort of meltdown about February and then lost most of their team and all their assistants.

Definitely NOT a good look, wasn’t like they had a season where assistants were leaving for better jobs. They were like rats trying to get off a sinking ship imo.
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Parks is good for a low P5 not good enough for the SEC
Coach was probably looking for Chastain, I don’t know much about Parks but found out she’s and elite shooter and can make layups, so if she’s not good enough why are others playing in the Sec that can’t do either, and I won’t say any names?
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2027s with announced offers:

Kie'Aundria Acree
Haylen Ayers
Finley Chastain
Ivanna Manyacka
Kaleena Smith
Jordan Speller
Nation Williams
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Ballout is a joke and sam is messy!!! Mississippi State head coach is getting fired at the end of the year anyways.
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going to Miss St would be a huge mistake for her even if tn is not the final destination. i see this as a courtesy visit for Sam. i am sure they have a great relationship.

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