2023 SEC Baseball Survivor Pool Week 1

How The Contest Works:
- You MUST enter the first week and continue to play every week to be eligible for the entire contest. If you submit your first pick during week 2, you are NOT eligible.

-You will pick one SEC team per weekend that you think will win their series. If they win, you're still alive, if they do not, you are eliminated.

-I'm gonna be the nice guy here and keep up with your picks and list them in the standings. You cannot pick the same team twice. If you do by accident, you are eliminated.

-Picks must be submitted by Thursday 7PM EST for this first week. Good luck everyone!

This weekend's options

Ole Miss @ Vanderbilt

Alabama @ Florida

South Carolina @ UGA

Miss. St @ Kentucky

LSU @ Texas A&M

Tennessee @ Missouri

Auburn @ Arkansas

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