2023 NFL Offseason Thread

Titans winning the division? It's the Jags division to lose. Titans may be looking at a top ten draft pick next Spring
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Stidham looking so good Russell Wilson needs to be worried about keeping the starting job.
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Veteran long snapper and Bama alum Carson Tinker was cut by the Jaguars in camp. He’s had a whirlwind of an offseason.
Cardinals just cut Colt McCoy. Josh Dobbs, who has been here for 4 days, was 2nd on the depth chart.
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$60M in dead cap would suckkkkkk but it’s not completely unmanageable over 3 years.
Dead cap is still dead cap, but getting some draft value negates some of that

I think they'll be fine having a year or two where it's a bunch of young guys on rookie contracts getting reps. They have the Texans pick next year, too, which should be somewhere 2 - 5, and 10* more picks after that. They also have all their picks in 2025 and I imagine they will trade Buddha Baker for a 2nd or something

* 3 in the 3rd and 3 in the 5th
Patriots rolling with Mac Jones cut other 2 QB's cure the will try to bring Bailey Kappa back on a restructured deal...
Well after all the Johnathan Taylor ordeal he still is a Colt nobody wanted to make the offer the Colts desired I assume....

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