2019 Summer Ball Thread


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Jul 31, 2018
As I've been researching this also, I have wondered how it will affect the relationship between player and coach if they know a player put his name in the portal and doesn't get picked up and wants to come back. Not just at UT but at all schools. I know a friend of ours has put his name in the football portal and his coach pretty much told him he was not welcome back if he did not get picked up. Because I am sure there is someone looking at the list for UT and sees which players put their name in the portal. I'm also sure there are some that coaches (not just UT) told to explore your other opportunities and see what may be open for you since your are blocked in your position, as the article says, or we have better players coming who will play over you. I must admit as a parent, I would respect a coach who would do what it took to be honest with my son and help him find another place to play if he was blocked or was going to be blocked by incoming players.
I know a family friend that was committed to a P5 school told us that the coaching staff asked him to come in with his family this spring and said we have recruited another player that plays the same position and have a juco coming in that plays the same position and we feel both of them are better than you are at this point. We will honor your offer and you can compete for the position or we will honor your decommit if that is what you choose you do and we will make phone calls for you to help you find somewhere that you can play immediately. They put no pressure on them and the player decided to decommit. The coach called the next day and said I have X school that is willing to give you a better offer than we did and they have an immediate opening for your position. He took the offer and I would have to say I respect the coach for doing that. I know some on here would say why did he overrecruit for that position but I would say that is his job to find the best players for all 9 positions even if a current or incoming player will not get to play. Coaches are paid to win games and that is tough in the SEC.

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