2 Quality Opponents....



Loves Hot Sauce
Apr 24, 2008
2 Blowouts. That's all you need to know about our team this year.

And Wayne Chism is a waste of a scholly.
I think the formula is: better basketball IQ + average athleticism = very difficult matchup for us.

We have several athletes. We have very little bball IQ.
we're not that great of a team. last year was our year to do something and we weren't able to. This team has talent, but they're by no means worldbeaters and we might have to wait another year or 2 to get a really solid base structure since some of these guys will leave after this year...but that's another topic

this is probably the kind of team where the point should be just that we get past the sweet 16 this year so we can get that hump off of our backs for the future years

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