1989 UCLA game



You ate sand ?
Aug 13, 2016
You had to pay for it. I tried to see Sterling running the team through the scrambled signal. Peyton took over as a freshman when JC's knee was destroyed at UCLA In 1994. That could have been an ESPN game. Or was 1994 in Neyland?

Edit: 1994 was at the Rose Bowl and was on ABC.

1994 Tennessee Volunteers football team - Wikipedia
True TGO! My grandparents went to damn near every game but by 1989 they were close to 60 & a trip to LA wasn’t gonna happen. I did get to go to the cotton bowl with them that year & the sugar the next. My grandmother has passed on but my grandfather just turned 90 & called me a couple of days ago to tell me that “WE” got the #2 recruiting class going !

We lived about 8 miles East of Franklin in Arrington , which back then was BFE . Imagine my surprise a couple of years ago when the big orange picnic was literally across the field from the family farm in Arrington !! Long story short they had recently installed one of those NASA style satellite dishes that took a degree from MIT to operate . We bought this game , watched it on the satellite & about 20 local VFL’s showed up to watch COBB-WEBB run all over UCLA . I was 11 & this game put all of college football that the Big Orange were going to be a force to be reckoned with !!
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