'18 VA RB Ricky Slade



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Feb 7, 2009
VT clearly doesn’t care enough about their FB program otherwise he’d be fired by now. Easiest division in Power 5 and he just signed the #82 recruiting class, dead last in the ACC. Unbelievable he still has a job.
Yeah that's really odd considering they had been Top 30 every year he's been there but 2016 (ranked 42). Guessing rumors about him interviewing at other places scared recruits away? Still... to be ranked 71st on 247 is quite terrible. Not even one 4 star player signed. They didn't sign even 1 player in the top 20 of their own state. In fact, they only signed 1 player in their entire class that was a top 20 overall recruit from any state. Even Vandy, who had a terrible year and has a coach on the hot seat finished with the 52nd ranked class.
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