1 second left and you don't offer any defense?

I've never seen a call this dumb in my life at any level. 1 second left and you have a player stand in the paint to do absolutely nothing. Then give a player a practice shot. And on top on that you still had a foul to give. This is a fireable offense
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I think we had another foul to burn too.

We could have fouled whoever caught the ball and made them throw it in with even less time left.

Lots of ways to win this game at the end, but only one way to lose it...

If you aren't going to guard the inbound passer then you have a man to deny each of their players and can still have Key in the paint to stop any lobs. And you can be aggressive denying with that extra foul.

I would really like to know what the coaches told them to do and if it was anything like what was actually done. Because man...

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