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Great to read some comments from Yanez. Super woman and outstanding player for the Vols. Nice to hear that Bristol City is a close-knit group. Unfortunately, I don't think they're an especially talented group overall--not by WSL standards, anyway, because the club apparently doesn't have
the budget to obtain players of higher quality so that it could be more competitive.
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🚨State of Recruiting - 2025 - SEC Conference. Here is the detailed information by each team, conference strength, all the players verbally committed, and overall opportunity 👇


From left to right

Zoe Cuneio
Keaton Mitchell
Jenna Chatterton
Jonathan Morgan
Dakota Brown
Luciano Latino
Nolyn Bartholomew
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Good pics of the Vols above--thanks. Don't know who the players are in the top two photos.

Happy to hear that Vignola did not suffer a bad injury and should be back on the pitch soon. She needs to stay healthy.
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