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    UConn back to Big East

    Holy sh*t Is this for real? I have been drinking a little
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    UConn back to Big East

    I can’t speak for all men but I think when it comes to women’s basketball and men it’s the same reasoning as why my wife isn’t interested: combination of 1) only so much time for entertainment, 2) quality of the games as a function of a direct comparison to the men’s game. I know women hate to...
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    UConn back to Big East

    My wife will watch football, men's basketball, volleyball. Tolerates softball but is not a fan. She hates womens basketball. I don't know if she is the norm or an exception but it is what it is. I think for her its two dimensional--(1) comparability to the mens game, specifically the quality...
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    UConn back to Big East

    He really missed the mark when it comes to future realignment and possibly landing in the ACC or Big Ten. Most conferences are headed for a new tv deal in the 2020's. However dumb one thinks the administration at UConn is, theres no way he can believe they make this move if there is even a 10%...
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    UConn back to Big East

    Funny thing about this. BC alone didnt have the gravitas to keep UConn out. They got a nice big assist from UNC and Duke who do not want UConn men recruiting in NYC a couple hours from campus under the ACC brand. Media never reported that piece 🙄
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    UConn back to Big East

    UConn has long hoped they would be the 16th school in the ACC if ND became a full member. They were informed about a year ago that ESPN wants another school if that need arises.
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    UConn back to Big East

    Has nothing to do with that. Primarily driven by the new AAC deal and the impact the ESPN+ provision had on their current SNY deal. Attendance at men’s basketball games was becoming a problem too. No one gives a sh*t about ECU UCF and Tulane.
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    UConn back to Big East

    Look for announcement as early as this weekend but definitely next week.
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    Diamond's Eyes

    i have this condition although I’m an odd ball as it developed later in life as opposed to the teenage years. The worst part is at night—it’s much harder to see. There is a significant glare off headlights and taillights that you learn to adjust to but I’m at the point with rain at night that...
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    Caylan Arnold is now in the transfer portal

    🍿🍿🍿 This thread has turned more entertaining than the Bama-UF game. Carry on.. Oh and google is your friend 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    2020 Lady Vols Softball

    Might as well get over it. That contract is locked through 2035. Love this girls curve and back door curve. She’s got in on all the plains and at different speeds. Nasty pitches.
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    Super Regional vs Florida

    It helps too when you can throw the ball right down broadway on a first pitch, 3-0 count and 3-1 knowing you have spectators watching in the box.
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    Geno: Lady Vols are 'any other school now'

    Pass. They are different sides of the same coin. She’s a miserable person.
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    Super Regional vs Florida

    I think in many ways we lucked out. If I were the head coach and the NCAA said to me you get to pick your super opponent from any of the top 8 Florida would be my second pick behind Minnesota. (Although hell they put the beat down on UGA)
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    Lady Vols Softball Regional Final @ Noon ET

    Nope for sure however you’ve seen Barnhill before. There should be no “oh sh*t we have to play florida” mindsets.

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