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    Muffet McGraw stepping down

    I doubt he angled for a raise this time lol Furloughs and pay cuts announced at Louisville
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    Muffet McGraw stepping down

    Her successor is already on the Stanford bench. I'm gonna miss the Muffet-Geno tit for tat. He needs a new sparring partner now. I would say Kim Mulkey but she'd woop his ass.
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    Pittsnogle, Randy Moss, and Jerry West have to be the favorites. I'll put my money on Jerry West.
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    OT: Karen Aston OUT as HC of Texas Longhorns WBB

    Shes one of three coaches to win three national titles at one school....I think she'll take that :rolleyes:
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    New Texas coach

    You can't compare Texas now to Texas when those hires were made. Those hires were all made by Steve Patterson who was a certified first class douche bag. Chris Del Conte is in charge and its a completely different situation.
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    OT: Karen Aston OUT as HC of Texas Longhorns WBB

    Everybody thought he was waiting on A&M. Everybody. And without COVID most people assumed it would happen this year. Makes me wonder if something went sideways.
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    OT: Karen Aston OUT as HC of Texas Longhorns WBB

    All things being equal any sport at Texas is a better job than Tennessee. You don't have to recruit nationally if you don't want to, your own TV network, more money than God, facilities are top notch, they are getting a new arena, and Austin is a very cool town (but getting too crowded). The...
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    OT: Karen Aston OUT as HC of Texas Longhorns WBB

    more money than God, talent as far as the eye can see, Austin is long as the can manage all the ego maniacs why not? No AD in this country gets less ROI than Texas and it’s because they can’t get out of their own way most of the time.
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    OT: Karen Aston OUT as HC of Texas Longhorns WBB

    Jeff Walz probably the favorite. Dark horse candidate Tina Langley at Rice.
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    Looking Forward

    Swimming & Diving is a problematic sport as its costs are higher than most other ones due to the costs of maintaining facilities. I feel for those kids as it will probably be a P5 sport only in the near future.
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    Looking Forward

    In the midst of the economic turmoil an opportunity will exist for Tennessee to reassert itself on a national level as one of a few places that care about the sport. Aside from the exit of Pat Summit, one of the other larger drivers behind our decline has been other institutions taking the...
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    looks like Jazmine is leaving

    If he passes on A&M now it won’t be open for him again.
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    NCAA Decision on Additional Eligibility for Winter and Spring Sports

    The hidden story here is if many of them will even have a sport to play. We're headed for a severe recession at best and if football season is shortened or not played at all there will be major revenue consequences for AD's all over the country. I know of at least 2 G5 schools and 1 P5 school...
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    There may be no NCAA Tourney

    My mom was a teacher for 30 years in WV. It seemed like growing up every 3-5 years we had a 2-3 feet snow event that shut everything down. 5 years after there was always a bump in a kindergarten enrollment.
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    What Grade Would You Give The 2019-2020 LadyVols And Coach Harper?

    I'd rather use an "Exceeds Expectations, Meets Expectations, Below Expectations" scale. For this year...meets expectations.

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