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    Game Thread: LADY VOLS AT AUBURN

    Horston is getting credit for winning the game but she only had 6 points but had 6 turnovers. I don't remember how many times Auburn scored off those 6 but half would have put us ahead by 6 points and there would have been no tie so she probably didn't break even.
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    What a difference 10 less turnovers make.
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    glad we fired Holly for this

    These are still mostly Holly's players and Kellie can't shoot the free throws for them! Key was 1 for 6!
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    Game Thread: #25/RV LADY VOLS VS. #RV/RV LSU

    Does anyone know why Emily Saunders get no playing time. Early in the season she looked as good as Key during her limited time. I was just wondering if something else was going on.
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    Lady Vols - Ball Security and Turnovers - South Carolina Game

    May take a bit to get the "Holly" out of some of them.
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    Evina Comment

    If A. Hayes had not gotten herself kicked of the team, this would have been a different season. Westbrook is no point guard. Westbrook and Davis are too slow and haven't lived up to the pressure of their high school stats. I think it's time the coaches stop ordering off McDonald's All American...
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    Congrats to Kelly Jolly-Harper and the Missouri State Lady Bears

    I voted for Kelly before Holly took over.
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    Holly Warlick post-game SEC vs. Mississippi State

    Lady Vols handed this game to Miss.St. on a platter made of turn-overs. Just 10 less TO's and we win by 10.
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    Holly was always the "good cop" to Pat. Trouble is she is still the "good cop". When Pat would grab them by the jersey and got in their face it got their attention.
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    She should have been gone last year! Fulmer made a big mistake by giving her a 2 year extension.....or maybe he just wants the extra time to find a really good coach...hummm!
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    If Westbrook hits he front of the rim one more time I'm going to scream so loud you will hear me through the TV. JUST THROW IT AT THE BACKBOARD!!!! At least that will give you a chance! Also she can't pass or even throw the ball in out of bounds. If she scores 20 points it is probably equal to...
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    Lady Vols vs. Georgia Game Thread

    Agree 100%
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    Lady Vols vs. Georgia Game Thread

    I agree with volfan2012. In other words---no defense. Holly is really setting records, just the wrong kind like 33 years since 3 losses in a row! They can't pass, shoot or hit free throws, are very good at turnovers and will be out of the top 20 very soon. I really hate to see it. This team just...
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    Lady Vol required homework

    Need I say more! Free Throws!! And why, why, why did Holly let Zay Green take those last few 3pt shots>
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    Lady Vol required homework

    From what I saw the girls look confused like there was no game plan and whoever crossed the half court line with the ball tried to make a play right then. They were playing Jackson really tight so she couldn't get a good shot off. Some inside out play could have helped here. And as I said from...

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