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    '17 AZ IOL Kayden Lyles (Wisconsin transfer)

    Can always move Cooper bank after next year. And Cooper could move back to center if injury came up. GBO!!!! Would love to land Lyles. GBO!
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    Assuming we get the extra 7 spots

    That scenario of nobody leaving isn't very likely. GBO!
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    '17 AZ IOL Kayden Lyles (Wisconsin transfer)

    We would not turn him away I believe. Cooper is still young, Lyles is a beast. GBO!!!!
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    Not even a review of totally obvious targeting by Bama

    I wish we didn't have to talk about officiating, but the fact is they give the better teams more leeway with alot of things. Not even say they are doing it intentionally. But who does the brass over officiating think he or they are fooling. SEC fans by and large know the basic rules. Why in...
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    '22 GA OLB Joshua Josephs

    It does seem like he likes Michigan alot, but being closer to home I like things swinging our way in the end. Our staff and play along with our fan base has recruits liking what they see. We need Josephs for sure, would love to get him and Pearce playing time is there for anyone good enough...
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    '22 QB IN Tayven Jackson (UT commit)

    I don't think Milton was Huepels guy as much as he thought he couldn't afford to turn down any potentially good qb. Maybe he thought he could help him, at least he knows to change if it isn't working. He knows about offense and quarterbacks, I do believe that. Even if assessment of Milton was...
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    Who feels confident about Kentucky after the bye week?? FPI 48.6%

    Very confident if we can get some folks healthy that we can beat Kentucky. We will have to play well but we can beat them. Georgia is the only game left were we are a clear underdog, but first things first get healed up some and come ready to go on a good season ending run. GBO! I still say we...
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    The Official Tennessee @ #4 Alabama Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Bama's D isn't chopped liver either, guys are giving their all out there. GBO!!!!
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    The Official Tennessee @ #4 Alabama Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Bama didn't hold any on that drive. LOL! The refs rarely call holding on bama. GBO!
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    The Official Tennessee @ #4 Alabama Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Battle and fight all night from start to finish! GBO!!!!!
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    The Official Tennessee @ #4 Alabama Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    I just want the Vols to fight and battle 4 quarters. Play hard and smart football. GBO!!!!
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    Hooker Starting against Bama

    Again everyone on here is speculating degree of injury and only the trainers and team doctors know that. The trainers know their job and they do it well. They aren't going to put him out there if he shouldn't be. If he can go he will go. GBO!!!!!
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    Pitt VS Clemson

    Pitt opened a 3 point favorite, don't know what it is now. GBO
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    Hooker Starting against Bama

    So you sit healthy folks that can play by the percentage chance you think you have to win the game???? What a bunch of hogwash. Glad your not coach. How about trust our staff that is paid to make these decisions and get behind them either way. They are not going to risk a player that isn't...
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    Hooker Starting against Bama

    People act like they know the extent of the injury. SMDH, if he can play and isn't hurt he should play. Period! I will trust the coaches and trainers who are there every freaking day over folks on a message board theorizing how they would play it and don't even know the true extent of the...

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