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    Disturbing Kroger in Hendersonville

    Most of the Bama "fans" I know are also New England Patriot "fans" as well.
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    Most of us are Negavols today.. but it doesn't have to be permanent

    We're going 3 and 7 aren't we. 🤦‍♂️
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    Ok just watched the replay.

    I left work early to watch the second half. I can honestly say I regret that decision.
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    Tennessee Football

    CJP probably will dude. God help us.
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    In Today's Chattanooga Times Free Press........

    Welp.... We found out!
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    Gary Danielson should be fired

    100% agree! I was thinking the exact same thing Saturday. He doesn't even attempt to hide it.
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    The Official Joe Gibbs Racing Team Thread

    Kyle Busch's wife is gorgeous!
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    Kirby = Richt 2.0?

    😂😂😂😂 I love this!
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    Today in Tennessee football history..........

    Well said and I agree. This is my favorite thread on the forum.

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